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Jet Global are the market leaders in Reporting, Analytics and Budgeting Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. They are devoted to enabling decisions for executives, finance professionals, and managers by providing unparalleled, secure access to their data.

Jet’s solutions are cost effective, provide rapid time-to-value, and are built specifically for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP users.

Is your approach to reporting, analytics and budgeting contributing to your business’s success?

Time Consuming

Your most valuable resources are your people, and they might be spending too much time copying and pasting in order to compile or reconcile the information they need, and it’s reducing their effectiveness.

Error Prone

We’re all a little flawed, and that’s OK, but your data shouldn’t be. Inaccurate reports impact your business success with costly errors.

Not all tech savvy

Your people need to be empowered to make decisions, but your complex environment is holding back the data they need.

The Jet Global suite of solutions are custom built add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. They provide extended reporting and business intelligence functionality, and  a simple and intuitive way in which to provide powerful, interactive reports and dashboards, all using the power of Microsoft Excel.

Eliminate Errors – quickly and easily generate timely, accurate reports in the format that works for you, using the same fields and calculations you’re used to, right inside of Excel.

Cut Time and Costs – no more waiting on consultants or IT departments to get you the reports you need. There are no hard-coding or programming skills required, so you can do it all on your own.

Always Have the Answers – liberate yourself from the office by getting the accurate business information you need. Gain instant access to your reports on the web or from a mobile device.

Designed for Business Users – turn data into valuable insight with visually stunning dashboards and reports you can easily design inside Excel or Power BI. Access on the web, or from a mobile device.

Rapid Time-to-Value – Jet Analytics makes corporate business intelligence quick and easy with pre-built cubes and a data warehouse, along with an extensive library of dashboard and report templates.


Accurate Data you can Rely On – no more coming to meetings where everyone has different numbers. Establish a system of record, that guarantees everyone has the same information that everyone can rely on.

Transform Your Budgeting – free resources from the shackles of data gathering with budgets that are trackable and goal-focused. Fast and simple budgeting built for you.

Improve Financial Performance – get real answers on performance, and let the business needs drive the budget process so you can make adjustment decisions at any frequency.

Build Budgets Quickly – whether its top-down, bottom-up, zero-based or anything else, Jet Budgets is built to seamlessly adapt and execute exactly what you need.


Make Life Easier – no more wasted hours hunting down the latest version of a report. Jet Hub is a secure web portal that gives your employees access to the data they need, when and where they need it.


Feel Confident – Jet Hub delivers a comprehensive report management system with sharing, version control, report permissions, and extensive search capabilities.

No Tech Expertise Required – you shouldn’t need an experienced Microsoft Dynamics developer to help you bring together reports. Do it yourself with Jet Hub, with its portal that’s ready to use straight away.

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