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Extended Apps – Mobile working

MobileNAV is the ultimate mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise (previously NAV). It ensures online and offline work for typical work for out-the-office ERP activities, such as sales, service and project management.

It also guarantees real-time tracking of your business, for example, in warehouse and production-related workflows. This lets you build up your own mobile development knowledge.

The MobileNAV app adds real benefit to your business, as it lets you access your data in real-time and have all the functionality of a desktop PC. Offline capability allows you to continue your work even without an active network connection.

Reduce Reliance on Paper

The MobileNAV application utilises the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 business logic. It does this by utilising the existing, built-in device capabilities within Dynamics, such as call, email, browser & maps and allows the user to use these while not at a traditional desktop PC. This eliminates the reliance on paper notes, as all information is stored within your Dynamics system.

A member of your team that is working on a job can put all of the required information directly into Dynamics, whether they have an internet connection or not. If no connection is available, the data will save locally, and be uploaded when a connection is re-established. This also accounts for the issue of double data entry, as all workers will be working in a live environment, and can see the live data being entered.

Loss of Stock a Problem?

The mishandling of stock can impact your business’s profits, and can cause problems when reporting and managing what stock your business needs. The MobileNAV app allows you to manage your stock in real-time, and have the best data available to you and your team. MobileNAV’s state-of-the-art item tracking and reliable & sophisticated barcode-reading gives you full control of your stock, where it is, how much of it you have and what you can actually sell.

MobileNAV Benefits

Platform and Device Independent

It offers native applications on every popular platform, including Windows, iOS and Android.

Highly Customisable

Every company is unique, and that is why the MobileNAV app has been designed to be as easy and quickly configurable as a desktop Microsoft Dynamics system.

Easy to Use

With its ergonomic and intuitive user face, it can be used right away, even without training.

Future Proof

Continuous development of the solution to support the latest technologies, operating systems and versions of Microsoft Dynamics.

How It Works

MobileNAV helps to bring all of a business’s processes and data, stored in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise, to the place where real business happens, helping employees work faster and more efficiently.

Wizard-Line User Interface

MobileNAV has a wizard-line user interface that gives employees the ability to quickly perform their daily tasks. The solution provides a role-based model which defines the functions that are available to a user’s device.

With a simplified task-orientated graphical user interface, employees can track your operations anytime, anywhere, online and offline.

MobileNAV Brochure

Are you ready to work anywhere, anytime?

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  • Improves efficiency
  • Barcode scanning options
  • Replace paperwork
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Multi-lingual (English, German, Dutch…)
  • Secure communication

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