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Modules and Connectors – Delivery Carrier Integration

Azzure IT’s Delivery Carrier Integration module streamlines common, time-consuming manual tasks for warehouse shipping agents. It automatically completes repetitive tasks, like re-keying data.

When multiple shipments are required and the shipping agents needs the details of every package, this data entry process can be very tiring and a waste of their valuable time. Azzure IT’s Carrier Integration module is the solution to these common warehouse problems.

The module seamlessly integrates your Microsoft Dynamics 365 software with multiple shipping agents, allowing you to choose an agent and a service directly from within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

You can then submit your request without leaving your solution, and you have the ability to view and print the shipping agents label without having any shipping agent software installed.

The shipping agents intended for integration need to be listed in the shipping agent codes list within your Microsoft Dynamics solution. Currently the supported shipping agents are: Interlink Express, DHL, FedEx, Aramex.

Each shipping agent has its own API, requires different data and works differently, however with Azzure IT’s Carrier Integration module, you can standardise how you interact with each agent, using the same data.

Azzure IT’s Delivery Carrier Integration module keeps all of your data in one location, and gives your business a much smoother submission of information to shipping agents.

It speeds up data entry, making the whole process quicker and more accurate. It also ensures that no additional shipping agent software is required. Microsoft Dynamics and Azzure’s Delivery Carrier Integration module are all you need.

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