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Modules and Connectors – Hire

Azzure IT’s Hire module provides businesses with a full, centralised view of all their stock available to be hired out or sold. The Hire module streamlines the item hiring process by fully automating time-consuming manual tasks, from initial order through to invoicing and reporting.

The module directly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, and holds its own separate part in there. It allows your business to calculate invoicing costs, and reduces risk by eliminating the possibility of double booking items.

The Azzure IT Hire module handles the tracking of the physical item. It sees whether it is available, when it will be available and where it is. It also includes minimum hire periods, all with different prices.

It perfectly handles gross profit calculations, which adjusts itself as the hire goes into the future, and can set up repetitive invoicing for repeat customers, submitting the first one in advance, then in arrears, at user-defined intervals e.g every 4 weeks.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Hire Module Brochure

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  • Item Tracking
  • Repetitive Invoicing
  • Minimum Hire Periods
  • See Where an Item Is and When It Is Available

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