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Business Solutions for – Not-for-Profit (NfPs) / Charity Organisations

Transparency, accountability and agility

You need software solutions that significantly reduce the cost of governance, management and administration, while enabling you to:

  • instantly access relevant, accurate and complex financial information;
  • modify processes quickly and easily with visual tools;
  • use comprehensive real-time reporting capabilities;
  • deal with both internal and external changes, such as fluctuating funding levels, new funding structures and changing regulatory requirements.


NfPs | Charity organisations – sector challenges

Pressure to do more with less is ever increasing, when operating in a complex environment, whilst maintaining increasing levels of transparency & accountability.


Changing Consumers – the ability to anticipate demand, predict potential problems and meet changing consumer needs in a profitable manner


Changing Regulations: Change is inevitable, so a business needs easy-to-use software that can adapt quickly to industry changes


Legacy Systems: legacy systems are at a disadvantage in a fast-paced environment resources spread over multiple, aging systems


Manual Processes: employees learning and manually updating multiple systems with weak functionality, leads to inefficiency and poor productivity


External Forces: pressure to do more with less is ever increasing – adjusting to a fast changing market place- keep costs down and productivity up


Control & Visibility: trouble dealing with complexity whilst accurately estimating, judging and informing customers on order progress

NfPs | Charity organisations – your needs

Operate efficiently with full transparency and program effectiveness, whilst maintaining full accountability and remain flexible.

We help them transform their businesses


Delivering digital transformation

Technology is the tool - business growth and profitability are the benefits! Here are some of the solutions we provide to deliver these...

Business Intelligence

Unify your business, from data to people to processes, with modern, intelligent business dashboards. These adapt to your changing needs and supply business insights to improve your decision making processes.



Increase your profitability by streamlining processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions. Build stronger relationships with clients and share all customer interactions throughout your business.



Run your entire business with a single solution - a comprehensive end-to-end SMB business management solution, that goes beyond everyday processes to facilitate business growth.


Business benefits

Key outcomes you can expect

Give your business what it needs to excel and achieve optimum results:


Enhanced budget control

Access your budgets through configured approval routes when purchasing items, and monitor the status whilst raising documents against the budget.


Capital project management

Assign budgets, approval streams and compare your spend to previous projects simply and meticulously.

Improved cash management

Use forecasting tools which allocates funds across project pots, ensuring you are always in-the-know and on budget.

Our approach

Supporting your vision, with digital transformation

The industry experience of our team is core to bringing successful business outcomes to our customers. As your selected business solutions partner, we'll work side-by-side with your team to solve your toughest business problems and achieve your goals.

Whether you're just starting out on your digital transformation journey or need saving from a stalling project, and looking for a support partner transfer, we've got the in-house knowledge to deliver the transformative results you need.

Our goal is simple… to deliver business solutions which address your real-world challenges and to be a team that’s right beside you – taking on those challenges, seeking new ways to drive your performance.

Craig Such

Managing Director, Azzure IT

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