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Business-life inside a constantly evolving supply chain

Whether your customers are consumers, corner shop owners or major retailers, their expectations are growing – success in the wholesale & distribution sector depends on maintaining tight financial control and effective management over high volume/low margin operations. It is essential to identify and focus on the most profitable business and to optimise cash flow and debt.

On top of this, supply chains are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, leading to organisational processes and requirements also changing at increasingly rapid rates.

You need enhanced agility, collaboration, and the ability to respond effectively to changing market conditions, whilst driving up efficiency across your entire value chain – your core business solutions are central to this. 

Wholesale & Distribution – sector challenges

Operating profitably in an integrated supply chain


Increasingly shorter request times from customers


Staying ahead of global competition


Reduction of order to cash cycles


Lower profit margins and higher costs


Need to spot new customer trends


Turning stock round quickly from order to dispatch


Poor relationships due to lack of visibility


Lack of clarity over supply-chain (the weakest link)


Poor customer order management and order tracking


No insight to negotiate better terms


Keeping inventory lean / instantaneous stock reporting


Financial control – poor buying decisions and increasing costs

Wholesale & Distribution – your needs

The ability to handle high volumes of low margin transactions, in a centralised end-to-end solution which provides business transparency through detailed real-time reporting, artificial intelligence and automation of the whole supply chain.

Intelligently managing your inventory

Feeling the squeeze?

Every day, distributors have the challenge of balancing supply with demand. Affected by worldwide manufacturing activity, consumer demand, and competition – distributors must anticipate accurately or risk a warehouse full of excess inventory. 

Tight margins and the high cost of excess inventory make cost control and efficiency critical, especially for small to mid-size distributors like you, that can’t afford to make mistakes.

We help them transform their business


Delivering digital transformation

Technology is the tool - business growth and profitability are the benefits! Here are some of the solutions we provide to deliver these...

Business Intelligence

Unify your business, from data to people to processes, with modern, intelligent business dashboards. These adapt to your changing needs and supply business insights to improve your decision making processes.



Increase your profitability by streamlining processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions. Build stronger relationships with clients and share all customer interactions throughout your business.



Run your entire business with a single solution - a comprehensive end-to-end SMB business management solution, that goes beyond everyday processes to facilitate business growth.


Business benefits

Key outcomes you can expect

Give your business what it needs to excel and achieve optimum results:


Optimise process

Streamline and automate your entire, end-to-end warehousing process, from route planning for pick & pack to introducing automated inventory replenishment. 



Improve efficiency and cut costs by freeing customer service agents to focus on high-value interactions and empower sales with automated product recommendations and buyer profiling.  


More informed decision making

With Power BI reporting in real-time saves substantial time and costs, and prevents further delays in accessing and sharing the most current information.  


Strengthen customer satisfaction

Deliver orderly, omni-channel engagement for customers. Enjoy real-time insights and analytics over product performance and supply chains.


Intelligent predictions (AI)

Forecast your sales inventory requirement with AI enhanced predicted sales outlook for warehouse items.


Clear view of cash

Managing your cash flow by having a fully clear view will lead to less unnecessary spend, which therefore will inevitably lead to a better, and more accurate, forecasting process.

ERP for Wholesale & Distribution

With the growing fluidity in the current environment, there’s never been a better time to replace an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Gain complete visibility of your business

In our experience, the four core board-level benefits sought from a distribution software solution are: 

  • Business Insight: built-in business intelligence and reporting features – putting data into context for swift decision making.
  • Productivity: time saving integration, with swift access to all business data, in a single solution.
  • Financial Control: enabling cost control and smarter buying decisions – opportunities for growth and investment.
  • Mobility: connected anytime, anywhere, on any device with real-time reporting and collaboration tools.

Download our ERP guide to understand how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solution addresses these needs.


Industry Package

A solution bundle, fit for your business

Distribution+ package

Azzure IT’s Distribution+ Bundle of third-party applications have been specifically put together to benefit distribution companies.

These applications include Mobile NAV and the Zetadocs suite of applications.

If your distribution company could benefit from these applications, download the Distribution+ brochure…

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